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Services and special orders for other goods

If you are located outside of Ukraine or want to purchase products from one of the brands that are not represented on our website, we can offer intermediary services for the purchase of such products in one of the US online stores, obtaining a license (if necessary, for example, for some sights) and sending the purchased goods to the CIS countries and Europe.

The main problem when you want to buy goods in US online stores is that most American online stores do not send orders outside the United States (especially when it comes to products that require a license, for example, such as sights). It is in such cases that our services will help you to get exactly what you want at the lowest possible cost. Having a wide network of distributors and suppliers, we also offer a wide range of other hunting and tourist goods and accessories, relocation equipment, hunting and tourist GPS navigators , electronics (like car radar detectors), and more.

In addition, we offer intermediary services for the purchase of virtually any other products that are not prohibited and / or unlimited for export outside the United States in other US online stores or at EBAY auction and sent to European countries.

The order of placement and payment of special orders

In order to place a special order for goods that are not represented on our website, you need to email us (izzabugra@gmail.com) to tell us the exact name of the product (manufacturer / brand, series, model name and / or catalog number) or provide a link to page of the manufacturer’s website with this product or an online store in which this product is presented for sale. Having the initial information on the product, we will analyze the possibilities of its purchase and delivery to you in the most profitable way and calculate the total cost of your order, including the cost of the product itself, its delivery and our intermediary services.

The exact amount of the commission is calculated individually in each case, depending on the complexity of the special order and its total amount.

Terms of payment for all special orders - 100% prepayment. Prepayment is made after final approval before direct purchase by us of the goods you need. All acceptable payment methods are described here.

If the goods are not subject to licensing (for more information about the goods subject to licensing, and the procedure for obtaining a license, see the section "Licensing"), immediate shipment after receipt of payment is possible. For more information about the delivery conditions, see the "Shipping / Delivery" section.

The delivery time for goods from our suppliers or delivery from other online stores to our warehouse is usually about a week. In most cases, sending orders from our warehouse to the customer is carried out on the next business day after receipt of the goods at our warehouse. Read more about the terms and conditions of delivery from the USA to European countries, read the section "Our conditions".

Our prices

The price of goods from auctions and US stores is formed for the buyer as follows:

1. Directly the price of the goods at an auction or US store.

2. Delivery in the USA to our warehouse in the USA, if necessary.

3. Delivery from our warehouse to the buyer's country (for example, sending a sight weighing about 1 kg USPS Express - EMS Ukraine or Russia will cost 40-50 dollars, depending on the weight of the package.)

4. Banking expenses - usually from 0 to 6% of the amount of points 1,2,3 - depends on the method of payment by the client for the goods. (The sum of points 1,2,3 should ultimately be credited to our account in the USA.)

5. Our margin, as a rule, is 15-25% of the price of the goods in the USA, but in general it can vary depending on the goods and on whose shoulders the responsibility for customs rests (if the goods go to Ukraine) but not less than 25 dollars.

In any case, each order is processed by us individually and the price is agreed with the buyer, who is sent an e-mail agreement with mutual obligations.

 Warranty, exchange and return of special orders

Since, in the case of a special order, the buyer himself determines the place of purchase and the goods that he needs, we do not bear any responsibility for the appearance, conformity of consumer properties and other properties of the purchased goods. Our task is only to pay and deliver the order to the buyer in the form in which he arrives at our warehouse in the United States. Of course, at the buyer’s separately agreed request, we can check the goods and, in case of any inconsistencies, try to return them or exchange them at the buyer's expense. After sending the goods from our warehouse in the USA to the buyer, exchange, return of the goods becomes impossible, and no claims are accepted.

 Other conditions

In all other respects, which is not specified above, we reserve the right to be governed by the laws of the United States and generally accepted rules of trade in the United States without further notice

ATTENTION: Unfortunately, our goods are not delivered to Russia, and to Belarus and Kazakhstan, in connection with the customs legislation in these countries, the sending of butts to weapons, shops and other weapons spare parts is not performed!

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