Japanese Natural Whetstone Takashima Hard Karasu 390g from Kyoto Japan

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This is Takashima (Takashima Mekakusan) Karasu Hard Finish Jnats. It is quite firm and shallow even for the razor finish.

Dimensions: 55-86x124-173x3-16 mm (approx.)

Weight: 390 g

Grain size: extremely small 8000+

hardness: 4.0-4.5

Nagura is not required, but its use will definitely speed up the process

Excellent finishing stone for razors, knives, tools

There is a difference in the thickness of the lower part of 13 mm, I recommend installing the stone on the base.

Takashima's history of grinding stone is about 200 years old. He leaves Takasima Harbor for Otsu. It is very similar in appearance and quality to Nakayama, so it was used by craftsmen who sharpened knives in Sakai. Most Takashima grindstones are slightly softer than fine natural Kyoto grindstones such as Nakayama or Ozuku, but in my experience Takashima is a very cutting stone, works well on all knife steels and may even be a good finish. , and even the finish for the razor is this crucian stone, because it is quite hard and has a very fine grain. It is also an excellent grindstone for removing scratches on the blade after grinding with medium grain size, because Takashima contains very few unwanted particles in its structure. Takashima - one of the best natural grindstones, which can be useful to a beginner in the field of natural grindstones; However, Takashima is an excellent grindstone for the connoisseur because it has a lot of variety.

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