Japanese Natural Whetstone Shohonyama Okudo Shiro ( White ) Suita 940g from Kyoto

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This is Shohoniyama Okudo Shiro (White) Suite from Kyoto, for finishing knives, carpentry tools. The holy grail of Japanese whetstones. Since the mine was closed for a long time and the reserves of the mined were depleted, Okudo Shiro Suita became very rare and expensive. Okudo is called the King of Suita. One of the famous 5 Higashi-mono (eastern stones) together with Nakayama, Shubudani, Narutaki Mukayida, Oozuku. No other Suita stones match their fineness, sharpening speed and ease of use. Okudo also outperforms the excellent Suita from Shinden's quarry. Kanji Okudo is often mistakenly read as Okuden or Okudono, so if you have a Japanese friend who knows a bit of natural stone, he can pronounce any of the names mentioned, then you can kindly tell him that it should read Okudo.

Moderate hardness, high abrasive ability.

The sharpening face is narrow, please check the pictures. When dressing, gradually widen the sharpening surface. The reverse side is also ground in and is not inferior, but rather superior to the front. Brown lines are non-toxic and you won't feel them when sharpening.

Kanji - seal in the form of a flower - Kyoto Natural Hone Sales Association, 白 巣 板 - wide (white) suite, 奥 殿 - Okudo mine sign

Dimensions: 27-82mm × 130-200mm × 13-32mm (approx.)

Weight: 940g

- Granularity: fine 8000

- Nagura is unnecessary, but using it will definitely speed up the process!

 - Excellent finishing stone for knives and tools.

- Hardness: 3.5-4.0

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