Mikawa Shima Nagura Natural whetstone 147g

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Chu Nagura ( Shima Nagura / Beige Stripe pattern) #3000

Nagura natural whetstones are characterized by the following quality characteristics:

- stone of consistently high quality

- Nagura stone for disclosing and loosening grinding particles to obtain especially hard natural stones, for example, Nakayama, Ozuku, Ohira, etc.

- Moisten briefly with water before sanding (do not soak!)

- very fast formation of grinding sludge

- provides a very even, semi-glossy surface

- extremely low level of abrasion

Size / Weight / Grit size / Hardness

50mm x 32mm x35mm / 147g / # 3000 (Botan) / 3.0-3.5

Mikawa Nagura has been sold with many counterfeit goods for a long time. They look similar, but the quality is poor. The Mikawa Nagura layer is very narrow, approximately 85 cm, and is still mined by hand. In particular, the purchase price has doubled since this year due to low inventory levels.

For these reasons, there are not enough real Mikawa Nagura around the world. We guarantee the quality of the products we sell.

How to use Mikawa Nagura as a direct sharpening stone

The abrasive contained in Nagura is quartz, just like the Kyoto Jnat finishing machine, and the reason Nagura is white is because most of it is quartz powder. You can see its performance as a direct sharpening stone and high abrasive ability. Currently, there are few products of the size of a whetstone for direct sharpening, and they are rarely found. Many of the natural bars produced in Kyoto surpass them in particle fineness.

How to get slurry with Nagura

When used with a hard natural whetstone, pour water on the natural whetstone and rub Nagura over the surface of the whetstone to create a Nagura slurry containing the abrasive. If sharpened with this liquid, you can quickly get a good blade.

It is also good to use for removing clogging of the sharpening stone, creating a slurry will definitely speed up the sharpening process.

Using nagura of different grain sizes, you can sharpen your tool on one hard stone.

Mr. Sakamoto recommends letting the naguru sit in water for 5-10 minutes before use. This will make it softer and make it easier to prepare a thin gruel. It also avoids nagura scratches on the main stone. When using just a spray of water and preparing a suspension with a "dry" heat, not only the main stone becomes scratched, but and stone particles can crumble at an unexpected moment, a beautiful polished bevel can become unpleasantly scratched in the blink of an eye. especially on hard stones!

Soaking the nagura before honing avoids this, 5-10 minutes is enough

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