Japanese Natural Whetstone Asano Mikawa Nagura Atsu from Aichi Pref.

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As well known, this is Asano Nagura Atsu. The layer from which Atsu comes is stronger cutting and of slightly coarser particles than Botan ( slightly finer than Ban) and yet very consistent in cut quality. Stronger than Botan, good for small knives, chisels. For razor, please treat it as bevel setting. For Kitchen knives, bevel work and initial sharpening refinement and also rubbed directly against the blade to remove rust from carbon steel. 

-Dimension & Weight

11-14mm x 115mm x 25-27mm / 82g

-Hardness: 3.0-3.5 Medium Soft 

- Excellent stone for razors, knives, chisel, carpenter's tools

**How to use Mikawa Nagura as a whetstone for direct sharpening

The abrasive material contained in Nagura is quartz like the Kyoto Jnat finisher, and the reason why Nagura is white is that most of it is made of quartz powder. You can see the performance as a whetstone for direct sharpening and the high abrasive power. Nowadays, there are few products that have the size of a whetstone for direct sharpening, and it is rare to get them. Many of the natural whetstones produced in Kyoto are superior in terms of fineness of particles.

**How to get the slurry in Nagura

When using it for finishing a hard natural whetstone, water the natural finishing whetstone and rub Nagura on the surface of the whetstone to get the slurryof Nagura containing the abrasive. If you sharpen with this slurry, you can quickly get a good blade.

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