Japanese Natural Whetstone Nakayama Kiita Awasedo Suita 360g

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This is the finishing stone for the razor - Nakayama Awasedo Suita Kiita from Kyoto. Beautiful color of kiite with white streaks, very uniform structure, great for razors, carpentry tools, knives.


90-85mm x 143mm x 12-05mm (Approx.) /360g/ Extra High Quality 10000+

- Hardness: 4.0-4.5

- Great whetstone for razors, tools, knives

MINE: 中山 Nakayama

Historical note: The Nakayama Quarry was founded about 800 years ago.

The Nakayama Quarry, located on the east side of Mount Atago, is part of the Higashi Mono East Quarry.

Nakayama stones were the property of the Imperial Court for their high quality and were used to polish swords. These stones have never appeared on the market since the Kamakura period 1185-1333. And until the middle of the Muromachi era 1336-1573.

Nakayama stones are the most famous and illustrious of all Japanese natural decoration stones.

Kanji on stone -

Special stamp "Kyoto Natural Hone Sales Association":

天然 = Ten'nen / Tennen = natural

砥石 = Toishi = honing stone

京都 = Kyōto = Kyoto

特産 = Tokusan = Special product

中山合砥 Nakayama Awasedo

巣板 Suita (Stones come from three different layers. Most, but not all, have su, small holes. When viewed closely, su can resemble a honeycomb. A suite without su is known as Sunaishi Suita.)

Quarries: 京都 = “Kyoto” (=ganister, silica shale,…) 

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