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Order terms and conditions

  You can place an order using the "Basket" directly in the store - use the "buy" button and fill in the data in the menu that opens, do not forget to specify a phone number with a code, we will contact you. In addition, to get detailed advice and urgently place an order, contact by our specialists by phone: +38 (zero five zero) 100-73-89. Also, the order can be placed by email (izzabugra@gmail.com). To place an order, it is enough to send an email in any form indicating your name, full address (delivery address) and a list of products. We also ask you to indicate your preferred payment method (for details on payment methods, see the "Payment Methods" section). All prices for goods indicated on the website are valid for the territory of Ukraine and include the cost of delivery to Ukraine and customs payments. For products not shown on the site and for other countries, the prices are negotiable, but close to those indicated on the site.

Terms of payment

 Terms of payment - 100% prepayment, i.e. Payment is required before order submission. In cases where it is necessary to obtain a license, payment is made after obtaining a license. At the request of the customer, advance payment is possible before obtaining a license. Advance payment is also recommended in case of a limited number of products in stock (for reserving a product for a specific order) or, if necessary, ordering a product from a supplier. For residents of Ukraine, payment is possible upon receipt of the goods in hand (cash on delivery) when ordering goods available in our store.

Payment Methods

 Payment for goods available in Ukraine by Ukrainian buyers is made through Privat Bank to a Privatbank card, or WMZ (+ 6%), or payment by bank cards through PayPal (+ 4%). It is also possible for Ukrainian customers to send goods presented to our stores by cash on delivery - with payment upon receipt. For buyers from other countries, as well as when ordering goods not represented on our website, - Western Union, Webmoney and the international payment system PayPal. Since these transfers are made to Ukraine, 4% is added to the amount for further money transfer to the USA. For many customers from other countries who do not have the opportunity to pay via PayPal, this method is the easiest and most optimal. After coordinating the order, we will provide an invoice for payment (invoice) with our bank details. Attention: All bank commissions charged to the sender of the payment, as well as commissions of correspondent banks (if any) are paid by the payer. Those. the amount exactly corresponding to the total amount indicated in the payment invoice should be received to our company’s account in our bank in the USA. If this condition is not met, the dispatch of the order will be delayed until the missing amount is received. Therefore, we ask you to pay special attention to this item and fill out the payment procedure properly. If you have questions about filling out a payment, consult with your bank staff about this account. Western Union. To pay Western Union, we will inform you the name and address of the recipient (state and country). All Western Union transfer fees are paid by the customer. When paying through Western Union, a commission of $ 10 is added to the total amount of the order. Payment by other methods we do not accept!

Shipping / Delivery

In Ukraine, goods are dispatched by the NEW MAIL service departments (cash on delivery is possible) as well as Autolux. Delivery services in Ukraine are paid by the buyer (about 20-60 UAH) and also in the case of cash on delivery, the buyer pays the return delivery service (about 2% of the amount)

To send parcels to other countries, we use express delivery EMS (Express Mail Service). This postal organization is international. The main difference from such postal services as UPS, Fedex, DHL is its low cost with a sufficiently high level of service. EMS is not a separate structure (like UPS, Fedex, DHL) and therefore the delivery itself is carried out not by an international company, but by local postal operators (i.e. E. In each individual country, various organizations are responsible for the delivery of packages by this service). A list of all countries included in the EMS cooperative, with the contact information of the respective operator in each country, can be found here. Operators in the CIS countries: Ukraine - "State Enterprise of Special Communications" Belarus - "BelPost" Kazakhstan - "EMS Kazpost" The national mail service USPS - www.usps.com manages EMS express mail to the United States. At the request of the customer, we can send the parcel by regular USPS mail. The delivery time for the package by EMS is 5-10 days, depending on the country and region. However, in these periods usually only the term of delivery from the USA to the customs point in the country of destination is laid. Customs clearance may take another 5-10 days (also depending on the region). However, in some cases, the delivery time can be up to 20-25 days or even more. Unfortunately, this does not depend on us, since all delays in delivery occur already in the country of destination, and not in the United States. From the USA to the country of destination, the package is always delivered in no more than 3-5 days. Therefore, for all questions about the delivery time to a specific region, please contact the regional offices of EMS. Each parcel sent by EMS is assigned a tracking number or, as it is also called, a waybill number by which the parcel can be tracked. Tracking the parcel before it arrives in the country of destination is best done on the website of the US operator - www.usps.com. After arriving in the destination country, visit the website of the EMS operator in that country. We inform the customer about the shipment number after shipment. The average cost of delivering a medium-sized parcel (for example, with one sight or with one binoculars) to most countries and regions of the CIS ranges from $ 70 to $ 90. The cost of delivery of a small package (for example, with one rangefinder or collimator sight) is from 60 to 70 dollars. The cost of delivery of parcels with several products is determined individually, as it largely depends on the selection of a box of a suitable size for packing several products together and on average ranges from 80 to 150 dollars (package with 2-5 products). The indicated shipping cost includes the cost of insurance for the full cost of the goods (in cases where the limit of the maximum insurance amount is provided, the package is insured for the maximum amount), as well as the cost of some of our overhead costs associated with sending parcels. Those. in fact, the delivery itself is somewhat cheaper than the numbers indicated. Therefore, please do not contact us with claims about overstatement of shipping costs. We guarantee that in each case we try to pack the goods as efficiently as possible to prevent damage along the way, and at the same time use the minimum size packaging to reduce shipping costs. Our responsibility for delivery is limited to the quality packaging of the goods and the correct design of the parcel at the post office. All responsibility for the delivery of the parcel from the moment it is accepted for shipment by the US Post Office until receipt by the recipient is borne by the postal service. All claims regarding the delay in delivery time, loss of the parcel, damage to the parcel and any other cases must be submitted to the postal service, and not to us. For our part, we guarantee full assistance in solving the problem, but in most cases our possibilities are limited, especially if problems with the parcel occurred outside the United States. If necessary, we guarantee that the complaint is submitted to the postal service and / or that the customer is provided with copies of all shipping documents for submitting such an application on their own. In general, I want to say that the EMS delivery service is one of the most reliable and delivery problems are extremely rare.

Customs and clearance

US Customs. As a rule, the goods pass it without problems, but there are cases of detention for inspection (up to two weeks). If for some reason the US Customs has not released the goods (this can be seen on the track number on the USPS website), we guarantee a full refund of your costs within two weeks.

Recipient Customs. In many countries, EMS shipments are considered non-commercial and therefore fall under the simplified customs clearance procedure. According to the Customs Code of Ukraine, non-commercial goods sent (intended for personal use and received by an individual) are not subject to duty if the cost of goods sent within one week to one recipient does not exceed 100 euros. Goods whose value exceeds 100 euros are subject to a duty of 35% of the amount exceeding 100 euros. Based on this rule, one should not be afraid of a slight excess of the cost of the goods of 100 euros, because however, the customs duty will be a fairly small amount and will not affect the total purchase price strongly. Moreover, in most cases, the fee is paid on the spot upon receipt of the parcel (delivery by courier or receipt at the post office). We do not have information about the customs procedure in other countries. For this reason, we recommend that you consult an EMS or customs office in your area. By default, we don’t put any documents indicating the price of the goods and the total value in the parcel (at the request of the customer, an invoice with the prices can be enclosed in the parcel). The value of the goods is indicated only on the US customs declaration. For goods for export of which an export license was obtained, the price of the goods will also be present in the license (for more details see the section "Licensing"). According to our information, in some cases, the US Customs Declaration and / or license is followed with the package along its entire route, and in some it is not. We do not have more detailed information about this.

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, our goods are not sent to Russia, and to Belarus and Kazakhstan, due to changes in customs legislation in these countries, the sending of butts to weapons, shops and other weapons spare parts is not made!


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