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Kernel 384x288 pix. @ 17 µm (NETD <40 mK)

Matrix resolution 384x288

Frequency 50 Hz

Display color AMOLED HD 1024x768

Lens F35 / 1.0

Magnification 2.5 - 10 (x4 digital zoom)

Field of view 10.7x8.0 deg at 100 m / 18.7x14.0 m at 100 m

Removal of the exit pupil 50 mm

Human detection range 1800 m

WiFi Yes, 802.11 b / g - 2.4 Ghz - sync with smartphone

Video output Built-in video and photo recording 1024x768 .mp4 / .jpg

Support microSD card No, built-in 16Gb

Use on weapons Range of correction input 3600/3600 mm at 100 m

Correction step value 18/18 mm at 100 m

Sight type 10+ types of different colors

Shock resistance 6000 J

Autonomous work 5+ hours

Battery type built-in + Pulsar APS2

Battery capacity 2000 + 3200 mAh

IP rating IPX7

Housing Metal

Ring Fastening 30 mm

Temperature range -25 - +50 ° С

Overall dimensions 399x78x83 mm

Weight 900 grams

The Pulsar Thermion 2 XQ38 thermal imaging sight is the youngest model in the updated lineup in 2021. Unlike the previous version, a long-focus F38 mm / f1.0 lens with a wide field of view is installed here, which made it possible to realize the optical zoom range from 2.5 to 10x. The body is made in the concept of the usual daytime optics. No complicated solutions are required for installation on any weapon. The model is assembled on the updated version of high-sensitivity temperature sensors 384x288 pix. @ 17 µm (NETD <40 mK) from Lynred by Sofradir & Ulis (France). The detection range for a height figure of 1350 meters and the possibility of aimed shooting at a distance of more than 300 meters will completely cover the entire range of tasks for night types of hunting. The model is designed for shooting at short and medium distances. Modern digital filling and powerful germanium optics have brought image quality to a new level. The shooters have access to a high-quality picture of the target in the complete absence of illumination. The sight is able to clearly "see" at atmospheric obstacles in the form of fog or smoke of the territory; loose vegetation such as shrubs or forest clears will not become an obstacle for observation. Resistance to high shock loads makes it possible to operate the optics on weapons of large calibers (2 cal., 9.3x64, .375H & H). The IPX7 waterproof class will ensure performance in all weather conditions.

The sights of the Thermion 2 series have a built-in video recorder that allows you to record video with sound in high resolution. The ability to pair with any digital device running iOs or Android is provided by the “Stream Vision” mobile application. In real time, you can view streaming video and broadcast live to the network. Digital filling with built-in sensors to control the angle of the blockage, will allow you to control the position of the weapon. In the memory of the sight there are 5 user profiles that allow you to target optics on various weapons, taking into account the ballistics of ammunition at different distances. For those who like to shoot at long distances, there is a set of ballistic scalable grids and a large vertical and horizontal range. The Thermion 2 XQ38 thermal imaging sight received only positive reviews from professional shooters who tested it in practice. The premium optics from Yukon Advanced Optics are one hundred percent worth the price. Indestructible scopes are ready for the most severe tests. Shooters have access to a full range of functions for an accurate shot in a minimum of time.

Key features

Thermal radiation receiver 384х288 pix. @ 17 µm (NETD <40 mK);

Matrix type - uncooled microbolometers - SiO2 (amorphous silicon);

Single crystal manufacturer - Lynred by Sofradir & Ulis (France)

Refresh rate of the thermal imager - 50 Hz;

3 sensor calibration modes (manual, automatic, semi-automatic);

4 modes of operation of the thermal imager for different observation conditions;

Germanium lens F38 mm / f1.0 with focusing from 5 m;

Smooth optical zoom 2.5 - 10x, digital zoom x4;

Field of view (HxV), degrees / m @ 100 m 7 10.7x8.0 / 18.7x14.0;

Detection range of heat-contrast targets - 1350 m;

The time to turn on the thermal imager is less than 3 seconds;

Convenient control with 3 buttons and side encoder;

Color HD AMOLED display 1024x768 pixels;

Display off option - turn off the screen when the sight is working;

PiP function (picture in picture);

Option to improve image quality Image Detail Boost;

Sight mount: standard 30 mm rings;

Stream Vision technology: data exchange with iOs / Android digital devices;

More than 10 types of reticle, including ballistic, scalable;

Click price 18 mm per 100 meters, power reserve 3.6 m per 100 m vertically and horizontally;

Ability to change the color and brightness of the aiming marks;

5 sighting profiles, 10 memory cells in each;

Stadiometric rangefinder, 3 preset values;

Built-in 3-axis gyroscopic accelerometer to control the angle of the obstruction of the weapon;

One shot zeroing, FREEZ function;

8 different color display palettes;

Wi-Fi module, 2.4 GHz standard 802.11 b / g, operating range up to 15 m in a straight line;

Built-in video recorder: video with sound, 16 GB of internal memory, file sharing (USB / Wi-Fi);

Power system: Dual Li-Ion B-Pack Mini Power System, more than 5 hours of continuous work;

Rugged metal body, 100% waterproof (IPX7 grade);

The sight holds a recoil of calibers up to 6 KJ (12 cal., 9.3x64, .375H & H);

Operating temperature range -25 ° C .. + 50 ° C;

Dimensions 399x78x83, Weight 0.9 kg.

Thermal imaging module

Thermal imaging unit Thermion 2 XQ38 is based on an uncooled 384x288 pix microbolometer. @ 17 µm (NETD <40 mK) from the French company Lynred by Sofradir & Ulis. These are high-speed FPA (Focal plane array) focal plane arrays on an amorphous silicon SiO2 substrate. Monocrystals with a high threshold of thermal sensitivity NETD (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference) <40 mK are able to register the minimum temperature deviations on the target surface, converting signals into a high-quality picture with clear boundaries and traced the smallest details. The spectral sensitivity range of the receivers from 7 to 14 nm fully corresponds to the transparency window of the earth's atmosphere in the long-wavelength infrared spectrum LWIR (Long-wavelength infrared). The 384x288 pix matrix made it possible to realize an impressive optical zoom range and obtain a wide field of view. The frequency of operation of the unit at a traditionally high level of 50 Hz allows converting outgoing signals into streaming video, the observed objects in motion will be broadcast without jerks and sticking.

Detection distance up to 1350 meters

The youngest model of the line - Thermion 2 XQ38, despite the small lens is able to "see" a full-length figure from a distance of up to 1350 meters, which is more than enough for night types of hunting. The hunter can calmly approach or let the animal at a distance of a direct shot, without giving away his location. An additional "bonus" will be the ability to fire at distances where it is required to take into account the fall of the bullet's trajectory. Shooters have access to a set of ballistic nets and a large vertical and horizontal power reserve. Aimed fire with this model can be fired at a distance of 300 m +. Powerful germanium optics with a magnification of 10x will provide good visibility of the target.

4 modes of operation of the thermal imager

The thermal imaging module can operate in 4 different modes, which have preset factory settings for noise reduction, brightness and contrast. The following options are available to users of the thermal imaging sight:

"Forest" - for conditions with low temperature contrast;

"Rocks" - for conditions with high temperature contrast;

"Identification" - the mode with the maximum level of detail;

Custom - Supports custom contrast and brightness settings.

The "Forest" mode is recommended for observation in large open spaces, for example, in the field against the background of dense vegetation (bush, grass, forest). This mode provides a high level of detail, both the object itself and the elements of the environment. Well suited for observations in the complete absence of illumination at low temperatures.

In the "Rocks" mode, the thermal imager is tuned for conditions with a high contrast level: twilight period after sunset, urban conditions. A warm object will be clearly visible on sun-warmed soil or rocky areas.

The “identification” mode is intended for observations in difficult weather conditions, where it is required to more clearly identify the object. The sensitivity and noise reduction settings are used at their maximum values.

"Custom" mode allows you to save individual settings for brightness and contrast, as a base, you can use any of the preset ones.


The novelties of the Thermion 2 XQ38 version received F38mm / f1.0 telephoto lenses. Optical zoom range from 2.5 to 10x. The multiplicity changes both smoothly and discretely with a step of x4. The field of view of this model is the widest at 10.7x8.0 degrees. In linear terms, the shooters will have access to an area of ​​space 18.7x14 m at a distance of 100 meters. The optical capabilities are sufficient to quickly search for an object in large open spaces. You can observe a group of moving animals at the same time using the maximum magnification. The front lens is made from Germany (32Ge), it is this metal that is completely transparent in the long-wave part of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum.

Image Detail Boost

From the end of 2019, users of thermal imaging optics of the Pulsar brand have available a digital option to improve the image quality "Image Detail Boost". Unique image processing algorithms have made it possible to increase the quality of the resulting image by an order of magnitude. A detailed drawing of the smallest elements with a high level of contrast made it accessible for observation: foliage of trees, grass, etc. The clear boundaries of the animals themselves help to better determine the trophy and aim more clearly. The option is activated in the corresponding menu item.

Picture in picture function

The PiP "Picture in Picture" function is implemented in software, when it is activated, an additional smaller window with an enlarged central area appears on the main display screen. It displays the zoom level and crosshairs of the reticle currently in use. The goal of the developers was to facilitate the process of aiming and recognizing the game. The enlarged image makes it much easier to direct the weapon into the kill zone. It should also be noted that the small size of the window itself does not impede visibility; it remains possible to control the visual environment. Using the PiP option, you can fire at targets that move at low speed.

Full color HD AMOLED display

An AMOLED HD microdisplay with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels is installed in the eyepiece block of the sight. The high pixel density and magnifying lens system provide a wide-angle, full-size image for viewing. Arrows can adjust brightness and contrast for the most optimal display. There is an option to temporarily turn off the display when the sight is working. Thus, battery power is significantly saved. AMOLED technologies do an excellent job with subzero temperatures and have low power consumption. The diopter adjustment range of -3 / + 5 diopters will help people with visual dysfunctions to adjust the display based on their individual characteristics. Removal of the exit pupil at a distance of 50 mm makes it possible not to fear the risk of injury and allows observation with glasses (tactical or sun glasses).

8 color palettes

The Thermion 2 series scopes users can choose from eight color display schemes. Each option has individual settings and is optimal for various tasks and monitoring conditions.

The following options are available:

Hot white (White Hot);

Black Hot;

Hot red (Red Hot);


Ultramarine (Ultramarine);

Red Monochrome;


Purple (Violet).

Palettes with hot shades of contrasting colors "White Hot", "Black Hot" and "Red Hot" highlight warm objects against a cold background with good detailing. They should be used when it is necessary to quickly detect a target at medium and long distances in conditions of limited visibility and in the complete absence of lighting. The "Ultramarine" and "Rainbow" palettes are designed for observation at short distances. By the depth of the colors, you can determine the hottest spots on the surface and more accurately direct the weapon into the kill zone. Color palettes with soft tones "Sepia", "Red Monochrome" and "Violet" do not strain the vision. With their help, you can tirelessly conduct long-term observations.

Large selection of reticle

Pulsar engineers tried to take into account the most popular preferences of hunters and introduced more than ten types of reticle into their devices for every taste. For shooting at a distance of a direct shot, there are the usual hunting options: point "," circle "," cross "," half-cross ". For running types of hunting and from an ambush, where the distance of the shot can exceed the mark of 300 meters or more, there are tactical options like Mil-Dot and its extended modifications. The highlight of the "long-range" sighting devices is their scaling with a change in the magnification level. The fully realized concept of daytime optics, when the reticle is located in the first focal plane (FFP - First Focal Plane), has pleased many shooters. Hunters can take advantage of all the advantages of ballistic options: calculate the distance to the target with its known dimensions and weigh the fire by moving the aiming point, without using alignment drums. The big advantage of electronic grids is the consistency of the size of the elements. Points and lines do not increase in size at maximum magnification, maintaining the angular dimensions between strokes and point centers. Thus, you can comfortably aim even at small targets.

The angular dimensions of each mesh can be found in the electronic catalog of tags on the manufacturer's website.

4 reticle colors

Thermion 2 XQ38 electronic reticle can change the color scheme of the display. This is done so that, depending on the palette used, the sight will contrast well on the surface of the observed object. Bright and contrasting elements will help you aim more accurately.

Click price and range of reticle markers

The Thermion 2 XQ38 thermal imaging sight implements the technical ability to conduct aimed fire at medium and long distances, where it is necessary to take into account the drop in the trajectory of the bullet. To achieve these goals, a large grid travel reserve is provided for the vertical and horizon of 3600 mm. The reticle alignment step is 18 mm at a distance of 100 meters.

One shot zeroing, "FREEZ" function

The one-shot zeroing function has already been successfully tested by time and has caused a lot of positive feedback. The method allows you to significantly save time and ammunition. To bring the weapon to an accurate battle, it is necessary, after firing at the target, to combine the crosshairs of the reticle with the bullet hole. This is done in the appropriate menu item. Zeroing must be done at a standard distance of 100 meters. Additionally, you can use the "FREEZ" option, which takes a screenshot and allows you to align the reticle with the bullet hit point in any convenient position. In this case, it is not required to hold the weapon precisely at the center of the target.

It is also possible to shoot Termion 2 in the classical way using the STP of the group of shots at the required distance. The price of a click per 100 meters is 18 mm.

Built-in photo and video recorder and 16 GB of internal memory

Thermal imaging sights with video recording function have appeared relatively recently and have already managed to fall in love with many hunters. Now, instead of "hunting tales" as evidence, you can provide real evidence of the trophies obtained with high-quality photos and video of the moments of successful shots. The sight is capable of recording high-quality video with sound in .mp4 and .jpg formats. and a resolution of 1024x768 pixels. The internal memory has been increased to 16 GB, which will allow you to store tens of hours of video and several thousand photos. You can download files using a direct cable connection or Wi-Fi.

Stream Vision App

Mobile application "Stream Vision" allows you to integrate the thermal imaging sight with any devices running iOS and Android operating systems. Pairing and data exchange takes place using the standard Wi-Fi protocol.

After installing the application, the following functions are available:

Mobile video finder;

Photo and video recording;

Remote control;

Sharing files;

Instrument software update;

Motion Detection;

Ballistic calculator.

In the high-speed Internet coverage area, you can broadcast live to the popular streaming platforms YouTube or Twitch, or to your social media profile.

B-Pack mini Combo Power System

The sights of the Thermion 2 series received a time-tested combined power system, consisting of two independent batteries. An external battery is located in the place of the turret for introducing corrections to the range of day sights. When the battery runs out, the power is switched to the internal one, allowing you to change the battery on the fly (without turning off the sight). The power supply is replaced within a minute. Fully charged batteries will last more than 5 hours of continuous use. Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries with a capacity of 2 and 3.2 Ah are used as power sources. To increase the autonomous operation time, you can use an external power supply of the "Powerbank" type with a voltage of 5V DC.

Shockproof waterproof case

The body of the Pulsar Thermion 2 XQ38 thermal imaging sight is made in the concept of the usual daytime optics with a central tube diameter of 30 mm. Lightweight metal is used as a material, which is able to protect the high-tech electronic filling in the best way. The protection class IPX7 allows the device to be used in a wide range of operating temperatures from -25 ° C to + 50 ° C, regardless of the presence of atmospheric precipitation. According to the manufacturer, the sight is capable of withstanding direct immersion in water to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. The design is shock-resistant, the muzzle energy limit of the shot is 6000 J, so it can be installed on calibers: 12 cal., 9.3x64, .375H & H. The sight is controlled using 3 buttons and a side encoder. The ergonomic position allows you to change settings and adjust the optics during the observation.

Contents of delivery

Pulsar Thermion 2 XQ38 sight;

Battery Pack APS2;

USB cable type C;

Optics cleaning cloth;

User manual;

Warranty card.

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