Socks Yarun trekking (short)

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The channel system for the rapid evaporation of moisture has capillary properties, absorbs moisture emitted by the body and transfers it to the outer surface. This texture of the sock provides temperature control and dryness of the legs, comfort during high physical exertion.

The air circulation channels of the outer, transverse arches of the foot and around the lower leg are an area that is located up to the cuff on the calf and does not come into contact with the shoes. The channels have a special thread weaving, they stabilize the ankle and optimally support the foot. In the area of ​​the arch of the foot, the pumping principle applies: at each step, moist air is pushed out of the shoe, and fresh is sucked inwards. Continuous air circulation lowers the temperature and removes excess moisture, while maintaining natural dryness and ventilation. The transfer of heat from the inhomogeneous porous structure is due to the thermal conductivity of the fibers and air located in closed pores; convection through through pores and heat radiation from their walls. The channels perform the protective function of lifting the legs as an absorber of blows, prevent the formation of scratches and corns.

Anatomically shaped terry sole protects and supports high voltage areas. The lower part (supporting surface) is noticeably denser than the upper, which creates additional depreciation when walking and also absorbs the effect of small specks that fall under the foot and has a slight massage effect on the sole of the foot and does not cause skin irritation. Due to its qualities and its ability to absorb moisture, it allows the foot to "breathe." In cold weather, it retains heat, and in warm weather it creates coolness, absorbing moisture. It is the internal mahr of the toe that improves the capillary effect, it is thermoplastic and capable of “remembering” the shape when the foot is heated.

Terry toe and heel with nylon thread, which enhances their strength, absorb friction, effectively reduce the risk of blistering. The flat seam of the toe does not allow rubbing of fingers. The loaded zones of these sock elements are durable and will not rub for a long time, while creating a kind of “contact corset” due to the use of a nylon thread. The catch on the toe track is the foot support area. The transverse elastic bandage provides a tight fit, prevents the appearance of wrinkles on the toe, “picking up” when walking and thus prevents rubbing and the formation of corns.

Self-adjustable cuff with thermo properties adapts to the geometry of the foot, not falling down and not dragging it. The transverse system of ventilation channels in the cuff provides fresh air to the areas of the sole of the foot that fit snugly around the shoe. Finger ventilation consists of thin channels of air circulation and is located on the transverse arch of the foot, designed to minimize heat dissipation and prevent freezing of the fingers from lack of heat.

Composition: cotton 80%, polyamide 15%, elastane 5%

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