Double-side sharpening stone NANIWA MV-502/510 - 220/1000, Vietnam

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Lobster Multi Stones series - the most inexpensive offer from Naniwa.

You get a quality tool, by paying less.

Two classic combinations are available: #220/1000 and #1000/3000.

These are traditional whetstones, that are recommended to be soaked in water for up to 10 minutes before use.

They are subject to normal wear, but the quantity of sharpenings, until full deterioration on them, is large enough.

This purchase will justify out the invested funds, and will serve as a good device for exercises of sharpening.

If the main task is to master the skills of manually sharpening, with the practice of using inexpensive knives available, this choice is justified.

Perhaps the next step will be the purchase of a faster & durable Professional Stone.

Or an understanding will come that professional sharpening service is better, but there will be a water stone in the home, where you can practice and maintain your home knives kit in working condition.

In any case, undeniable advantages, it is large in size, excellent performance, and the ability to get two in one, at a low price.

Before storage, it is necessary to completely clean & dry the stones away from the sun, if necessary, perform the procedure to align them with a special dressing stone.

Store optimally at medium temperature and humidity.

Specifications of a whetstone:
Manufacturer:© Naniwa Abrasive
Serie:Lobster Multi Stones
Country of origin:Vietnam
Grain:# 220 / # 1000
Abrasive material:(A) Aluminium oxide
Linkage:Organic, with well water adsorbtion. Includes mineral fillers that regulate the physicomechanical and operational properties
Purpose:#220 - Repair and formation of the cutting edge. Other work related to large metal removal. #1000 - Maintain normal household sharpness. Removing cutting edge formation traces. Polishing preparation.
Dimensions:Length: 185 mm, width: 65 mm, height: 30 mm (185 х 65 х 30 mm)
Weight:≈ 800 g
Base stand:Purchased separately

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