Electric knife sharpener Chef'sChoice CC130PL, diamond abrasive

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The ChefsChoice Electric Knife Sharpener is suitable for kitchen, household, travel, and pocket knives. The knife is sharpened in 3 stages (intensive sharpening, finishing, polishing). 100% diamond abrasives covering the grinding discs make it possible to achieve razor-sharp edges of the knife blade. Using the patented Bilevel magnetic guide system, the correct sharpening angle is automatically set to 20 ° for easy and safe sharpening. ChefsChoice is acclaimed by professional chefs around the world and indispensable for domestic home use. The Chefs Choice grinder is the perfect sharpener for kitchen knives.

Type of guides for sharpening angle - spring. The necessary time for sharpening is 1-1.5 minutes. 

Preliminary stage (rough) - no;

Grinding stage - yes (diamond discs allow you to remove minor damage and chips);

Stage of refinement - yes;

Polishing step - yes;

The stage of creating a micropile - yes.

Recommended for:

kitchen knives;

knives with wavy sharpening (serreitor);

tourist and folding knives;

repair badly damaged knives.

Not recommended for:

Asian knives with asymmetric sharpening (Santoku);

Asian knives with one-sided sharpening (Sashimi);

thick Asian knives (Deba).

High-quality fine-tuning with diamond-ceramic discs.

Editing with a notched steel bar (65HRC)

Sharpening angle: 20 degrees.

Motor power: 75 watts.

Production: USA.

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