Moritaka Kitchen knives

Moritaka Kitchen knives

MORITAKA HAMONO was founded in 1293 during the Kamakura period of Kongohyo Minamoto-no Moritaka (金剛兵 衛 源 盛 高), who was the chief sword-smith of the Buddhist priests on the mountain. Homan in Dazaifu, Fukuoka. Then his descendants followed in his footsteps in the same city for 13 generations. Five generations ago, Master Swordsman Chuzaemon Moritaka decided to expand and apply his expertise in knife forging. Since then, the production of a wide range of kitchen knives and cutting tools for horticulture, agriculture and forestry has begun. Moritaka Hamono has a history of over 700 years. The knife you buy is forged using skills and knowledge that have been developed and accumulated from generation to generation.

MORITAKA produces double-edged knives using the "triple structure - laminate" HON-WARIKOMI technique. "WARIKOMI" is a technique in which a layer of hard steel is sandwiched between two layers of soft iron, the term "HON" means that the blade is welded and turned entirely by hand. The fabrication combines the features of iron plates and Aogami steel to produce blades that are super hard yet not brittle. The middle layer is Aogami steel, tempered using the skills and techniques accumulated over 25 generations in the manufacture and heat treatment of swords.

This technique is the traditional Japanese technique used to make the Japanese samurai Katana swords and is famous throughout the world. MORITAKA HAMONO continues to manufacture traditional knives by hand using the HON-WARIKOMI technique, because it believes that this is the main part of producing the best and quality knives. While there are advanced technologies available to produce cheap, mass-produced knives at minimal cost, nothing beats the craftsmanship of MORITAKA HAMONO knives.

MORITAKA HAMONO mainly use only Aogami Super hardness HRC 65 Yasugi Specialty Steel (YSS) manufactured by Hitachi Metals, Ltd. The Aogami Super (AS) steel used by MORITAKA HAMONO is the best quality steel in the YSS (Yasugi Specialty Steel) range. Aogami steel has features that allow a blade made from it to cut cleanly and stay sharp for a long time.

Aogami is the best steel available, but due to the difficulty of working with this steel in the manufacture and heat treatment process, other blacksmiths do not use it. This steel requires the most experienced and skilled blacksmiths to make knives from it. MORITAKA HAMONO knives stay razor sharp longer than other knives.

Iron "Kongohyoe Minamoto Moritaka" for knives from Aogami Super and "Minamoto Moritaka" for knives from Aogami # 2 were used as covers. The exact composition of the steel is not indicated, being a secret of the MORITAKA HAMONO company, but these names are only implied. MORITAKA HAMONO solved the old problem of shank rot in the knife handle by making the knife shank stainless steel and using hard wood for the handle.

Each MORITAKA knife is handcrafted using extensive knowledge and seven hundred years of experience, resulting in superior knives.

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Moritaka AS Gyuto 210mm
Moritaka AS Gyuto 210mm-foto2
Moritaka AS Gyuto 210mm-foto3
Moritaka AS Gyuto 210mm-foto4
Moritaka AS Gyuto 210mm-foto5

Moritaka AS Gyuto 210mm

$345.00 (9,660грн.)

Moritaka Supreme knives provide an exceptional rendering of Aogami Super steel sandwiched between so..

Moritaka AS Honesuki Knife 150mm
Moritaka AS Honesuki Knife 150mm-foto2
Moritaka AS Honesuki Knife 150mm-foto3
Moritaka AS Honesuki Knife 150mm-foto4
Moritaka AS Honesuki Knife 150mm-foto5
Moritaka AS Honesuki Knife 150mm-foto6
Moritaka AS Honesuki Knife 150mm-foto7

Moritaka AS Honesuki Knife 150mm

$299.00 (8,372грн.)

Aogami Super, perfectly rendered, is found at the core of Moritaka Supreme knives. The treatment of ..

Moritaka AS Kiritsuke 210mm
Moritaka AS Kiritsuke 210mm-foto2
Moritaka AS Kiritsuke 210mm-foto3
Moritaka AS Kiritsuke 210mm-foto4

Moritaka AS Kiritsuke 210mm

$345.00 (9,660грн.)

The Moritaka Supreme 210mm Kiritsuke is another instance where the maker has applied 50/50 geometry ..

Moritaka AS Medium Santoku 150mm
Moritaka AS Medium Santoku 150mm-foto2
Moritaka AS Medium Santoku 150mm-foto3
Moritaka AS Medium Santoku 150mm-foto4
Moritaka AS Medium Santoku 150mm-foto5
Moritaka AS Medium Santoku 150mm-foto6

Moritaka AS Medium Santoku 150mm

$279.00 (7,812грн.)

200 years before Columbus landed in the Americas, Moritaka Hamono was producing hand-forged blades. ..

Moritaka AS Santoku 170mm
Moritaka AS Santoku 170mm-foto2
Moritaka AS Santoku 170mm-foto3
Moritaka AS Santoku 170mm-foto4

Moritaka AS Santoku 170mm

$299.00 (8,372грн.)

Like all Moritaka Supreme knives, this kurouchi-finished santoku sports a core of very hard Aogami S..

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