Japanese Aogami Super Blue Steel Funayuki knife 155mm by Tomita

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This Funayuki double-edged knife was made in the workshop of Osamu Tomita, who was a renowned craftsman in Miki City in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. He used super blue steel (Aogami Super) for this knife. So it is sharper and more durable than knives made of other carbon steels (aogami, shirogami, etc.) The knife is called "Black Dragon"

It was forged and hand-tempered.

Hardness - 64 units according to Rockwell

Blade length: 155mm

Finish: Kuro Shiage

Magnolia wood handle

Osamu Tomita, a master of the old school, from beginning to end creates his products by hand using age-old technologies. The master considers the processes of selection, preparation and flame welding and forging of blade materials to be the most important. He uses Aogami Super carbon steel, Aogami and Shirogami steels in his products. Even on the covers, you will see wrought iron called vateta, which is at least 100 years old.

The primary molding processes and the forge welding of the blanks are done in his workshop on the outskirts of Mika. Before the blades are heated for hardening, the surface is covered with a thinly paste consisting of clay and charcoal powder, which creates a barrier for surface decarburization of steel. After heating, the workpieces are forged and quenched in oil, after which they are reheated and the hot blades are left in the rice for slow cooling and stress relief, and obtaining the final desired hardness. The final of the procedure is sharpening and installation of finished products. Tomita products are rough in appearance, but the main goal is the quality of the cut and the long retention of the edge - the main asset of his knives.

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