Tojiro Shirogami F-691 - Petty knife, 3 layers, carbon steel, 120 mm blade, Japan

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According to Japanese tradition, the knife was wrapped in white or blue paper. This indicated the class of goods.

Aogami - high quality, from such steel blacksmiths forged the combat blades.

Shirogami - ordinary, inexpensive steel, with excellent cutting properties.

Nowadays, this is more of a tribute to history, and Shirogami knives do a great job with all kitchen tasks, and Aogami is more of a gift option, with more value.

Choosing a lower price tag seems obvious justified, but sometimes it is necessary to get the maximum and cost is not key factor.

Most aggressive cut, in blades with a high carbon content, such as Shirogami & Aogami.

Both are very reactive, that is prone to rust. This is a significant defining moment for an informed purchase.

It's important to remember that the katana was also made of highly reactive carbon steel the Tamahagane.

When a sword of value was taken from scabbard, those present in the room held their breath so that it would rust less and before sheathing it, a corrosion-preventing treatment was carried out.

The situation is same today, high-carbon knives still exposed pitting, but cut superiorly more than stainless steel.

Little and prompt vegetable knife.

The blade of the smallest length in Shirogami series of high carbon steel knives.

Sharp as a razor.

With us, you can buy this knife, at a bargain price.

Our shop of knives, offers only original goods and the subsequent service on sharpening.

Japanese knives, which are sold by us, have already earned good reviews from users, among which are not a few professional chefs.

Tojiro company uses Japanese water stones for sharpening.

Such sharpening, shaves out of the box.

Knife specifications:
Manufacturer:© TOJIRO / Fujitora Industry
Serie:Tojiro Shirogami Steel Series
Country of origin:Japan
Blade steel:Shirogami Steel (White paper) with Kurouchi descents
Qty. of layers:3 layers
Steel hardness:Double edge 50/50
Blade lenght:120 mm
Greatest blade width:27 mm
Blade thickness:2 mm
Sharpening type:≈ 62 HRC on the Rockwell scale
Handle lenght:105 mm
Handle material:Magnolia wood with plastic bolster
Overall length:235 mm
Weight:58 g
Sterilization:Not recommended

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