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Any knife - sooner or later requires re-sharpening. In normal use, even the coolest knife needs sharpening every few months.

Users have a question - how, what and where to sharpen. The culture of correct use and sharpening of knives, unlike in Japan, is just beginning to form in our country.

Well-thought-out blade geometry, quality of steel, competent heat treatment are the main differences between a good blade and a bad one. In addition, Japanese manufacturers make the mixing extremely thin on most knives. This gives an exemplary cut, but implies a careful attitude, avoiding contact of the cutting edge with objects of similar hardness - ceramics, glass, metal, and even ice or large bones. Do not forget to conduct an educational program at home about the correct operation of everyone who will have access to these knives.

Having bought good knives, someone delves into the sharpening topic, buys the correct sharpeners, sharpening stones and learns to sharpen himself. And someone does not want to bother and entrusts this work to professionals.

Our store offers services for sharpening professional kitchen knives, in particular Japanese ones. We use Japanese water stones and sharpen by hand to restore sharpness and repair damage. Note that we do not sharpen ordinary stainless steel knives, which are littered with the shelves of our supermarkets - only high-quality Japanese and occasionally European knives made of good steels.

Also, if your knife has decent sized chips or broken ends, we will remove them and then re-sharpen the knife. We ask that you first send a photo to us via Viber, WhatsApp or email so that we can see the extent of the damage. Most chips can be repaired, but some large ones cannot. Once we see this, we will tell you what can be done and how much it will cost.

Fine sharpening service

Often even famous brand knives come with a good, but not amazing, sharpening. This is their culture - they just think that the user himself will bring the severity to the limit he needs. The Japanese urge to finish sharpening using the Honbazuke method. "Hon" means real, formal, professional and sincere. In this case, "Ba" means edge and "Zuke" means making or finishing. In short, Honbazuke means edge finishing.

Just buy this Honbazuke service along with the knife or knives you want us to sharpen and we will sharpen them by hand using our typical stone and slings sequence. Please note that the sharpening service costs $ 4 per knife, so if you want more than one knife to be sharpened, you need to order more than one service.

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