Takamura Chromax Gyuto 210mm

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Chromax steel is a new knife steel that has excellent properties for kitchen knives. This is a semi stainless steel that sharpens nicely and holds an edge well. Takamura decided to make a line of affordable knives that have outstanding cutting performance and this is the result. Chromax is composed of 5% Chromium, 1% Carbon, 0.9% Manganese, 1.2% Molybdenum and 0.5% Vanadium. The steel is much less reactive than true carbon steel but gives many of the same sharpening and performance characteristics of some of the better carbon steels like blue #2. HRC on these is 64-65 Rockwell. 

The tsuchime hammered pattern is very attractive on this line and the fit and finish is way better than most knives in this general price range. We expect this will be a favorite by our customers for years to come. The Takamura brothers are located in Echizen Japan about a block away from Saji-san and about a mile down the road from Takefu Village.

Chromax steel is a semi stainless alloy often compared to R2. It has a very solid and tough feel, as opposed to a slightly more dainty feel of R2. Chromax is more resistant to corrosion than standard carbon steel. It is also harder (HRC:65) and exhibits better edge retention compared to standard stain-resistant steel. Chromax steel manifests the positive characteristics of both carbon and stain-resistant steel.

Weight: 5.8oz

Blade Length: 212mm

Total Length: 335mm

Blade Height: 45.43mm

Spine Thickness: 1.81mm


ножи режут продукты так легко, как просто этого не ожидаешь. Абсолютно иной уровень. Как проездив 25 лет ТОЛЬКО на ВАЗ 2106 сесть в новый Лексус… Первое что любой подумает при движении — так не бывает. А вот… Бывает.
Этими ножами надо поработать. Просто кайф)))

Pros: лазер

Cons: нет

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