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designed for installation of collimator, optical, thermal sights, flashlights, laser designators on Kalashnikov assault rifles of 7.62 and 5.45mm caliber: AKM, AKMS, AK-74, AKS-74, AKSU, and hunting - Vulkan, Fort 201, Fort 202, Fort 205, MKM, AKM UOS, Erma-777 and other AK figurative.

Production material: steel 65g, dural

Coating: weatherproof polymer matte anti-glare black paint for optical sights.

Picatinny rail length 150 mm.

Installation method: The Krona base is fixed on the machine with the help of the standard screws of the machine and the Krona screws. Refinement machine is not needed.

Established sights: Saved, freely used when installed Krone.

Elimination of shooting delays: With the Krone installed, a complete and incomplete disassembly of the machine can be cleaned and elimination of delays during shooting.

It does not require a side strip of the “pasture” type and any modifications of the machine: - drilling, riveting or welding. Designed, patented and manufactured in Poltava, Ukraine.

CRON has a base that is installed on the machine gun and the wing, which holds the scope and fixed on the base.

The CRON is securely fastened in two supporting places - under the standard handle of its screw and under the latch of the store.

The CRON is made of steel 65-g, has an anti-reflective coating and an ergonomic shape.

To install the Kron, no modifications of the machine are needed, the installation time is 5-10 minutes, the tools: - a screwdriver and a hammer.

The Picatinny rail U shaped 150 mm long is sufficient for installing most optical devices.

With the established sight through U-shaped "Picatinny" you can use regular sighting devices.

With the KRON installed, the height from the receiver cover allows you to remove it and disassemble the machine. When removing - installing the Krona wing (by unscrewing - tightening the screws), the shooting is maintained.

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