Silencer KPSSV АК74

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Disassembled, made of heat-resistant steel, sandblasted and coated with heat-resistant paint (up to 1000 degrees Celsius). Silencer authoring and assembly.
When using conventional supersonic ammunition, it provides the following benefits:
- significantly reduces the sound level to an acceptable (for unprotected ear);
- are effective muzzle brakes that reduce recoil impulse;
- eliminates the muzzle flash of flame that can blind when hunting at dusk or at night.
Declared guaranteed nastrel - 5,000 shots without loss of any functionality, which indicates a high reliability of the design. Since the device is not collapsible, for preventive cleaning it is enough to rinse it with kerosene (after 1-2 thousand shots), and then dry it thoroughly with a hairdryer.
It showed itself perfectly when working with a 5,45 (АК -74) - from 200 meters the sound of a shot in the forest became barely visible, and it was impossible to identify the location of the shooter!
KPSSV silencers reduce the sound level of a shot of a weapon by 25 - 32 dB (depending on the type of ammunition, caliber, location of the object, etc.), and significantly reduce the level of flash from the shot and its impact.
Model: KPSSV
Caliber: 5,45
Color: Matte Black 
Dulna carving: M24x1,5RH
Material: Heat Resistant Steel
Length / Dimensions: 1718 x 47 mm (increase in barrel length when installed - 190 mm)
Weight, g: 820

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