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Reduces sound to 30 dB, which by ear, subjectively, is a decrease of 70%, as well as completely removes the flash of the shot.

Fits most rifles and carbines in .308 .30-06 .300 .223 .243 6.5mm creedmoor caliber and others.

Dimensions: 300x48 mm

Weight: 650-690 grams

Barrel integration: 150 mm

Coating: Cerakote

The main advantages of the silencer Revolution:

1. Revolution silencer is an integrated silencer that goes halfway (150mm) onto the barrel, and the rest extends beyond the barrel of the weapon, thereby making the rifle better controlled and creating the perfect balance when shooting.

This allows you to make the most effective sound moderator without increasing the dimensions of the weapon.

Your rifle or carbine will remain spread, with good balance, but at the same time, you will shoot very quietly and improve your results, which is proved more than once by the practice practitioners and during testing. This happens due to the reduction of stress during the shot and muzzle compensation of the shot, a special internal device of the Revolution model.

2. The large volume combined with the patented internal silencer circuit provides the following benefits

  • Minimal overgas due to powder divider
  • Effective damping of sound shot and flash
  • No negative impact on the accuracy of weapons and the speed of the bullet
  • The ability to fire pace without having to take breaks to cool the silencer (as with other manufacturers), with Revolution you are always on top!

3. Also, Revolution has spiral flutes (radiator) for faster heat transfer and cooling of the silencer, and this also emphasizes its unique design and makes your weapon very stylish.

REVOLUTION reduces shot sound to 30 dB. By ear, it will seem to you that now you shoot 70% quieter than without a silencer. With these characteristics, you can:

  • Reduce and disperse the sound of a shot, which will greatly complicate the determination of your shooting position and improve the results of hits.
  • When using SubSonic cartridges, you can almost imperceptibly fire from a distance of 100 meters.
  • It will get rid of the flash of the shot - your night sight will not light up, and your position will not be found at night.
  • Shoot without headphones
  • Also with the stylish Revolution, any carbine or sniper complex looks much more spectacular! And most importantly is effective!

Interior silencer REVOLUTION:

Who should use the Revolution silencer?

For hunters - for whom the maximum effectiveness of suppressing the sound of a shot (70% quieter) and the best results are important!

Military snipers - for whom, in addition to high sound repayment characteristics, mobility, lightness of weapons and balance are important!

Shooters-lovers - for whom the above characteristics and the excellent appearance of weapons with a silencer are important!

Everyone who needs maximum efficiency to reduce the sound of a shot, and at the same time need to maintain the mobility of the weapon system. You can easily and conveniently move with a rifle, fire both on the move and from a position, the balance and results will be at the same time! Also, the silencer is very reliable and not fastidious in maintenance, this is a hallmark of TM STEEL silencers.

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