Muzzle Brake

Flame arrester is a muzzle device that reduces the visibility of a flash of a shot by scattering gases up and to the side. Eliminates the blinding of the shooter with a muzzle flame and increases its masking. Has a slight muzzle brake compensator effect. Flame arresters are available in both shortened and standard lengths.

Unlike DTK flame arresters, the muzzle brake compensator is a muzzle device designed to reduce recoil and toss the gun barrel due to the reverse action of powder gases.

Muzzle brake  mod 047
Muzzle brake  mod 047-foto2
Muzzle brake  mod 047-foto3

Muzzle brake mod 047


The original design of American gunsmiths. Fastened with 14x1LH thread. Ideal on AK 47...

Muzzle brake ME cal. 5.45 for AKS-74U, Vulcan TK

Muzzle brake ME cal. 5.45 for AKS-74U, Vulcan TK


This muzzle brake compensator effectively removes the barrel toss during firing, extinguishes the fl..

Muzzle brake mod 308

Muzzle brake mod 308

$45.00 $50.00

Fastened with 14x1LH thread. It makes it possible to significantly reduce recoil and improve the con..

Muzzle brake TAPCO моd 048

Muzzle brake TAPCO моd 048


Popular for AK design. Fastened with 14x1LH thread on the barrel AK. It makes it possible to reduce ..

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