Camouflage film for weapons and vehicles Camoclad 3M NewBreak-Up 15*150 cм

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The film for gluing weapons and vehicles is made of 3D vinyl, which has unique properties - it is waterproof, resistant to fading and scratches. The film is applied to any surface, while you not only get a great look, but also extend the life of coated surfaces (ATVs, motorcycles, cars, boats, weapons, etc.). The products are designed specifically for hunters, fishermen, as well as lovers of extreme riding and have been tested by hunters in extreme conditions.

 The American company Camoclad offers a truly unique product for reliable and effective camouflage and protection of your vehicles, weapons and other items. Camoclad is made from ultra-durable, burn-in and abrasion-resistant 3M Vinyl material. Will last more than ten years. Pasting does not require special tools - all you need is a blade or a paper cutter, a measuring tape and a couple of “straight” hands. In order to glue the surface, simply peel off the protective paper from the film and press the film against the surface to be glued (previously degreased). After leveling, heat the film-coated surface with a hairdryer, for a more firm glue. The film "breathes" - has micropores, thanks to which moisture does not accumulate under the film and the glued surface does not deteriorate. The pasted film can be removed at any time without any problems, while the paint on your weapon or car will not only not suffer, but, on the contrary, will look like on the day of pasting.

Attention: any quantity of camouflage film can be ordered. The discount is calculated depending on the quantity ordered:

- Tape 5 * 150 cm - $ 16

- Tape 10 * 150 cm - $ 28

- Tape 15 * 150 cm - 40 dollars (enough to paste over any weapon completely)

- From 1 to 10 sq.m - 78 dollars / sq.m

- From 10 to 24 sq / m - 73 dollars / sq.m

- From 24 sq.m and more - 70 dollars / sq.m

(The length and width are actually arbitrary and are limited only by the maximum sheet size (4 * 5 feet or 121 * 152 cm) and your mittens. We cut any number.)

In the note to the order, be sure to indicate the width of the ordered piece (s) of film, length 152 cm.

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