KAHLES is a legendary manufacturer of optical sights with more than 100 years of history. Karl Kales founded his company in 1898 in a small town near Vienna (Austria), and from that moment the company has always been a standard of quality and an example of unsurpassed technical characteristics throughout the world.

KAHLES has developed and implemented many technological innovations:

           - In 1949, Frederick Kales invented the world's first optical sight with variable magnification;

           - In 1960, the company first applied o-rings to ensure the sight is waterproof;

           - In 1972, KAHLES received a patent for the multilayer antireflective coating for AMV lenses (Achromatische Mehrschicht Vergutung), which allowed to increase the transmittance to 94%, which was an order of magnitude greater than all analogues of that time and remains unattainable for many modern optical sights;

           - In 2006, for the first time, a ballistic turret for 5 shooting distances was developed and introduced - the CS MULTIZERO series;

In 1977, KAHLES became a division of Swarovski Optiks, but since 1989 the company has been operating as a separate structural entity within the Swarovski Group.

For the average user, brightness and contrast in low light conditions are the most important criteria. For hunting in Europe, it is these criteria that determine success or failure. KAHLES sights are perfectly adapted to work in low light conditions, as they have the patented AMV lens coating technology. The legendary image quality of KAHLES is a wide field of view, excellent clarity and unique distortion correction technology.

In Vienna, the KAHLES workshop is located, which has been providing technical support to all owners since 1907. An important quality indicator is that more than 2 million optical devices that were created by the company are still in use.

KAHLES K 16i 1-6x24 Abs. SM1
KAHLES K 16i 1-6x24 Abs. SM1-foto2
KAHLES K 16i 1-6x24 Abs. SM1-foto3
KAHLES K 16i 1-6x24 Abs. SM1-foto4
KAHLES K 16i 1-6x24 Abs. SM1-foto5
KAHLES K 16i 1-6x24 Abs. SM1-foto6

KAHLES K 16i 1-6x24 Abs. SM1


DescriptionThe tactical sight K 16i has an incredibly wide field of view (with a magnification of 1x..

KAHLES K 18i 1-8x24 3GR
KAHLES K 18i 1-8x24 3GR-foto2
KAHLES K 18i 1-8x24 3GR-foto3
KAHLES K 18i 1-8x24 3GR-foto4
KAHLES K 18i 1-8x24 3GR-foto5
KAHLES K 18i 1-8x24 3GR-foto6
KAHLES K 18i 1-8x24 3GR-foto7

KAHLES K 18i 1-8x24 3GR


DescriptionOptimized for IPSC and 3-Gun matchesUltra-wide viewing angle, 8x zoom and true 1x zoomInt..

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