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Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag, or "additional cold weather sleeping bag" is the second component of the MSS.

MSS is a special Modular Sleeping System consisting of three independent elements and a cover. It is produced by Tennier Industries Inc. (USA) and is in service with the US Army. The complete MSS kit (NSN SKU # 8465-01-445-6274) consists of four items:

External camouflage waterproof membrane cape

(Gore-Tex bivy camouflage cover, NSN # 8465-01-416-8517)

Main sleeping bag

(Patrol sleeping bag, NSN # 8465-01-398-0685)

Extra padded sleeping bag for cold weather

(Intermediate cold weather sleeping bag, NSN # 8465-01-398-0687)

And a compression pouch for storage and carrying

(Compression stuff Sack, NSN # 8465-01-398-5428)

The MCC has been specially designed as an all-weather modular system, the components of which can be used either individually or together. By combining all three layers into one, the MSS can be turned into a full-fledged sleeping bag that can withstand even the coldest temperatures below zero.

The operating range (including wearing clothes) is +10 to -45.6 Celsius (50 to -50 Fahrenheit). In other words, traditional lightweight tourist sleeping bags, holding up to minus 20 degrees MCC, calmly exceed as much as 2+ times. Siberia is not scary!

It is not at all necessary to carry all the elements of the MCC at once: combine all three components into one, or use them separately - it depends on the climate. The most optimal temperature range for MSS is the interval from -24 to +10 Celsius.

Each component of the MSS is "breathable", i.e. has vapor permeability. This means that you can "breathe" even with your head covered - the condensate will simply come out. When used, it is installed inside the "patrol" sleeping bag, forming another heat-saving layer. Another name is "main sleeping bag", because. it is warmer. Designed for use in cold weather - mainly at sub-zero temperatures. Temperature сonditions: when used separately, in one layer, this MSS component withstands from -24 to -1 degrees Celsius. It is used mainly in the autumn-winter period. In deep winter, in case of very low temperatures below -23 degrees, it is necessary to use "layers" (special clothing ECWCS (Ekvaks)), or simply good-quality insulated clothing.

Just like the patrol bag, the Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag has a double zipper and an adjustable drawstring hood (with built-in nylon cord and cylinder closure) that allows for controlled heat retention or leakage.

Also made of rip-stop nylon (however it contains an internal insulation layer) and is also partially waterproof.

Dimensions: 215 centimeters long and 85 centimeters wide.

Weight: approximately 1850 grams (1.84-1.86 kg).

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