NVMPE (UHMWPE) Armored plates 3 class


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Our cookers are made of NVMAP with three main advantages:

The shape of the plate is one that allows it to fit comfortably on the chest - 3D multi curved, that is, the plate is curved in two planes. No more do you need to lower the stove to the "stomach" so that it does not interfere with the reduction of hands and work normally, now you can carry the stove exactly where it should be. Using slabs curved in two planes, you have the ability to tighten the flutes firmly enough so that it does not hang, and while it did not interfere with breathing.
The weight of our slabs is extremely low, and allows you to wear your body armor practically around the clock, since it ranges from 1.17 kg depending on size.
The coating reliably protects the slab from the appearance of foreign particles and aggressive substances.
How is the UMMPE plate different from ceramic ?! Yes, actually to all.

The polyethylene plate has a completely different structure, the level of protection of which is 3 DSTU, or level III for NIJ. And already somebody might think, why take a stove of the 3rd class, if there is a 6th class that has a much higher level of protection ?! In order to give a correct answer to this question, I suggest to start to find out what is the 3rd class of protection.


Cartridge 7Н6, ball 5.45 in a steel shell with steel cores;
Cartridge 57-Н-231, a ball 7.62 mm in a steel shell with steel cores.

The main advantage of this type of cooker is the weight. Polyethylene plate is almost three times lighter than ceramic.

Again, I do not urge to buy polyethylene slabs and refuse ceramic, just because of the weight of the poor, not at all, but there are certain categories of military who do not require the maximum level of protection, they need minimal weight and maximum mobility. It is for these professionals that NWFPE slabs are intended.

Different equipment for different tasks!

WEIGHT: from 1.17 kg
PROTECTION CLASS: 3 for DSTU 4103: 2002 or III for NIJ 0101.04
PROTECTION PLACE: from 6.23 dm²
TYPE: Stand alone, Multi-shot.
FURNITURE: from 20 mm
FORM: ESAPI, 3d multi curved

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